There are many factors that can make a pavement sealing process a success. Sealcoating materials are emulsions. The word emulsion means suspended in water, thus the seal-coating materials are suspended in water, and form the actual coating on your pavement when they dry. All sealcoating materials come from the manufacturer in a concentrated form, and most need to be diluted per manufactures specifications. Unless you are trained you would never know the difference between a product mixed per manufactures specifications or one that was diluted up to 50% when it was applied to your pavement. It would still look black and you might think you had a sealcoating job and got a deal. When in fact, you had been taken advantage of, and at best would have a product that would track and wear off very quickly. At worst, you could have a product that could damage your pavement.

The application of the product is very important for a quality looking job. Three types of applications: spray, broom and squeegee. Our Sales Representative will educate & explain what type of application will be the best for your specific pavement conditions. The same type of application is not recommended for all paved areas.

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