Blacktop Repair Services

The Problem
Weather, Vehicles, Chemicals and Time attack the binder in asphalt pavement.
Warning Signals
A change in color from black to gray or small cracks and holes forming.

The Solution:  Federal Spec Coal tar Emulsion  products are specifically designed to form a waterproof, heavy duty latex based layer on asphalt pavement. It provides a rich black surface, sealing and strengthening the binder by allowing flexibility  and preventing breakup, cracks and potholes. Sealcoating your driveway and filling in small cracks with  hot tar crack filler forms a more consistent pavement surface. Sealcoating  greatly extends the service life of your asphalt pavement and is the #1 preventative maintenance measure which pays for itself over and over again. Sealcoating your blacktop creates a fantastic look, imparting a neat and well cared for image to your property .

New Blacktop, Saw Cuts, Patching & Pothole Repair

                            Hot Tar Crack Filling